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Louis Riggs, J.D. brings a wide variety of professional experiences in higher education to consulting. Louis has experienced higher education in numerous leadership positions over a nearly 20-year period. He has served as an Associate Professor, Director of Community Engagement, grant writer, general counsel, Faculty Representative, Advancement Committee Chair, and ultimately served as his campus Standard Pathway System Coordinator who successfully concluded an HLC site visit at the end of a three-year process.  As a Trustee, he has served as Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of his alma mater.

Louis also brings a rather unique perspective to higher education consulting: experience as a member of the Higher Education, Workforce Development, and Budget Committees of the Missouri House of Representatives, serving as both a policy maker and appropriator. He has experienced Higher Education from nearly every point of the compass at every level of shared governance.

Louis has also experienced the worst of the worst in higher education: in the aftermath of a decade of declining enrollments, lackluster administration, and an inattentive Board of Trustees, he first had his pay cut following a declaration of exigency and then lost a teaching job he had held for 14 years. He knows what the warning signs look like and what happens when those signs are ignored. There is no substitute for personal experience, and Louis has literally seen it all, from the best to the worst and every stage in between.

Areas of expertise that Louis will assist you with include understanding the drafting, editing, and defense of Assurance Arguments, as well as shared governance questions and issues. He is knowledgeable about Faculty best practices regarding Assessment and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, crisis communications, and the legal repercussions of failing to act in a timely manner. This includes the types of lawsuits you can expect to face when people have their pay cut and lose their jobs. As an attorney, Louis can also assist you with reviews of your bylaws, policies, procedures, and HLC issues across the spectrum.


Have concerns about your college and its future prospects?  Email your questions to Louis at louis@louisriggs.com and we will discuss these issues further. 

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